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The Professors are a group of composing musicians performing and recording in the New York and New Jersey area. Based in central New Jersey, The Professors bring together rhythms and sounds from a variety of styles to create provocative original and interpretive music. The Professors are available to play a wide range of festive events, including weddings, birthday parties, receptions, or any occasion where live music can make a significant contribution its success. The Professors also have an extensive catalog of original music, which is captured on three studio recorded CDs.

The Professors' Project Teaser Number 2 from Dan Elghossain on Vimeo.

Dear Marie, Gary, and The Professors: Our wedding was a day of wonder for Gus and me, made all the more special by the music of The Professors. How wonderful of you to practice songs we wanted to hear, then play them for our guests and us to enjoy. Our first dance was perfect and that was just the beginning. We had such fun dancing to your rendition of current songs and old classics for which our families and other guests praised the band. Anytime you need a recommendation, please let us know. We think you are terrific and we want everyone to know that - Betty Turock and Gus Friedrich; The Wedding of Betty Turock and Gus Friedrich, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
I am writing to tell you how glad I am that Renee didn't want to go to dinner--that she wanted to go to the biker bar to see you guys. Because I got to see and hear you. And you guys were just ... absolutely great! Really. A completely different band from any of the past versions. And I was really, truly -- from my heart-of-hearts as a closet musician meself -- impressed - Thom Gencarelli, Lead Singer with the marvellous band, Blue Race, The Great Notch Inn, Little Falls, NJ
You are fabulous! Your music helped to make Vince's birthday party spectacular. Thank you - Patricia Glass Schuman, Bridgeview Country Club, Long Island, NY
Thank you, and the rest of The Professors, SOOO much for playing last night. From my vantage point it was a perfect evening - Frank Bridges, PhD Student & Part-Time Lecturer, School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University
"On a rainy May night, the Rutgers Gardens were drenched with the sound of a five-piece rock band cranking out 100 or so decibels of Spooky Tooth’s classic “Better by You, Better than Me.” It was the end-of-the-year party of the Library and Information Science Students Association at the Log Cabin Alumni Pavilion. Greetings had been traded, the buffet had been raided, and about 50 revelers had just reached the point where heads were beginning to bob and toes were beginning to tap. Suddenly, an invisible line was crossed, sensed by a woman taking photos of the band. She whirled around, aimed her camera at the crowd and announced to no one in particular, “They’re dancing!” Of course the students, faculty, and staff were dancing. No one can resist the vibe of The Professors, the Rutgers-connected band of academics and friends who have been performing, composing, and recording in and out of Central Jersey since 1995. Tonight The Professors were spanning the ages with tunes ranging from Cream’s 40-year-old “White Room,” to “Could I Be,” newly composed by a first-year student at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences." - Bill Haduch, The Rutgers Focus, May 27, 2009
I came across your youtube videos of The Professors' Pink Floyd show. I am a big Pink Floyd fan, so I really enjoyed listening to you guys play your version of their songs. Nice guitar work and vocals! Your group sounds great, and I will have to look y'all up if I am ever up in New Jersey - Jeff Dubea, New Orleans, LA, February 1, 2012

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